Saline Varsity Blues

Performing Show Choir

Performing since 1983


Rain Dancers

Eric Blovits
Daniel Emerson
Ryan Moore
Carly O'Donohue
Cora Hassberger-Alumni
Brittany Culey-Alumni
Lex Douglas-Alumni
Mackenzie Hagood-Alumni

Ensemble Dancers

Gabe Lindemann
Elizabeth Diuble
Laney Alig
Olivia Diuble
Shelby Wood
Lauren Peterson
Emily Foltz

Rehearsal Schedule

June 27th - 5-7pm, RDC Studio

June 30th - 4:30-6pm, Saline High School

July 1st -  10-1pm, RDC Studio

July 7th  4-6pm, Saline High School

Please respond to confirm your ability to be at all dance rehearsals.  We would like to order costumes by Monday afternoon.


Girls costume:  approximately $35, caramel tights, caramel jazz shoes

Boys costume:  button down navy shirt, khaki pants (more detila will be given later), black jazz shoes