Saline Varsity Blues    

Performing since 1983


The Saline Varsity Blues is a non-profit performing show choir.



Our cast members are students ranging from 1st grade - 12th grade.

Kids' cast (KC): 1st grade - 4th grade
Junior Varsity cast (JV): 5th grade - 8th grade
Varsity Blues cast (VB): 9th grade - 12th grade


 **  AUDITIONS  ** 

Cast members are selected through an audition process. 

Stay tuned to this web site for detailed audition information.

(VB) The Varsity Blues Cast Auditions:
Auditions are two evenings held in September.

First Evening: Dance Auditions: Dress casual.
Second Evening: Vocal Auditions: Prepare a song.


 (KC / JVThe Kids' and Junior Varsity Cast Auditions:
Auditions are two evenings held in the spring.
First Evening: Dance Auditions
Second Evening: Vocal Auditions
You must attend both evenings to be considered.
You do not need to prepare anything.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and be ready to sing and dance. 


 **  REHEARSALS  ** 

Cast members are require to attend rehearsals. 


(VB) Varsity Blues Cast Rehearsals:

Rehearsals begin mid-September and continue through July.

The Varsity cast go on a weekend retreat in January
and go on a one-week tour in June prior to performing
at the annual July Summer Show!
Show Week rehearsals are MANDATORY!


 (KC / JV) The Kids' and Junior Varsity Cast Rehearsals:

Rehearsals begin mid-April and continue through July.
Show Week rehearsals are MANDATORY!




Saline Varsity Blues performances:
 July Summer Show: 3 nights
December Holiday Show: 2 nights

The VB cast will also perform at select events throughout the year.



 **  TOUR  ** 

The VB high-school cast will travel on tour for one week in June. 

The VB cast tour and perform at exciting locations.
We've toured Boston, Branson, Disney World,
Chicago, Nashville, New York City, and performed on a cruise ship!



Ready for some memorable performing experiences
and a whole lot of fun?

Join the Saline Varsity Blues! You'll be glad you did.


The Saline Varsity Blues is a non-profit,
performing show choir located in Saline, Michigan.

For more information email us at: