Saline Varsity Blues

Performing Show Choir

Performing since 1983



: Monday, Septermber 19th
6:00 pm  /  Liberty School

Mandatory for the parents of our new 2018-19 VB Cast

This is a mandatory meeting for all the parents of our new VB cast members.
You'll learn about the Saline Varsity Blues and the requirements of membership. 
Other topics will include:

COMMITMENTS: The time commitments, the financial commitments, and the amount of work it takes to have our cast members gain some tremendous vocal and choreography experience while having some of the best times performing through out the year.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: We are a non-profit organization. The annual dues include tour, retreat fees and show shirts. It also helps cover the many expenses necessary for a performance organization, such as rehearsal room fees, auditorium rental fees, vocal training coaches, choreographers, and accompanists.

BOARD OF DIRECTOR ELECTIONS: You will be voting for the new 2018-19 Board of Directors. Current and new Board nominee biographies will be distributed along with a ballot. The results of the vote will be announced by the end of the meeting.

If you are a VB parent and interested in joining the Board of Directors, prepare a short biography and we'll put your name on the Parent Meeting ballot. Please include how long you've been in the VB organization, family info, achievements, what you do for a living, and any special talents that could be a valuable asset to the Board. At the meeting, we will be asking for Floor Nominees. Be sure to to let us know that you're interested and we'll include your name on the ballot.

HOLIDAY SHOW: This year's holiday show is scheduled for Friday, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th at the Saline Middle School.

RETREAT: Retreat will be January dates TBD.  This is where the VB cast spend time working on the songs and dances for the Tour Show. We also have fun-filled special activities and the cast really bond with each other.

TOUR: Every year, in June, the VB cast travel and perform at exciting locations!  Past tours have included Boston, Branson, New York City, Disney, Chicago, Nashville, and a Norwegian Cruise.

FORMS: Forms, forms, and more forms! Seriously though, these are important and required for participation in the organization. See below to print and pre-register your cast member.


Save time and complete these forms in advance.
These forms will also be
available at the meeting.

Bring the required forms and membership dues to the Parent Meeting.

Click on the form, below, to print.


Emergency Medical Form
Parent Consent Form
VB Contract
Payment Schedule


VB Handbook & Standing Rules
(A MUST READ for all members. You'll sign stating that you've read this)

Congratulations to all of our new members!
We'll see you at the Parent Meeting.